Friday, November 29, 2013

Here We Go Again

I've been on a bit of a hiatus. (Obviously since I haven't posted anything for almost 3 months!) I somehow locked myself out of my Blogger account, so even when I was in the mood to blog (which wasn't very often), I couldn't get into my account. I'm pretty proud of myself for finally figuring it all out tonight!! As with all of your lives, much has transpired during my 3 month hiatus. When I last left you, HA was just starting fall soccer and I believe our house had been taken off the market. (I totally had to look back at the last post to jog my memory!) that was all back near the beginning of September. What has happened since? I'll try to go out of character and be brief. We will start with October.

October: my birthday month. Growing up, birthdays were a huge deal in my house. It was always the best day of the year, hands down. Since I've grown up and live 3 hours away from my family, my best friends now always make it a point to make me feel amazing and special. This year was no exception!! My bestie from high school, Elise Ann came up from Atlanta for the weekend as usual. She arrived with an assortment of posh bakery cupcakes, lots of Woodchuck, pink champaign, fabulous gifts, and even those adorable striped twist straws!! :) What ELSE does a girl need?!! The rest of the weekend was spent with lots of girl time (my amazing mil watched the girls for me), good food, and even a little hookah. 

Kev n JoEllen had us over for Mexican and a game night. JE helped me celebrate my birthday a week late by making me (several) French martinis. They are my fav!!! 

We did the usual fun trips to the local pumpkin farms of course. First up was Gentry's Farm in Franklin with HA's class.

(Above: This is HA with her teacher Mrs. Erin.) 
Next up was Walden Farms with Juju and Uncle Kevin. It's probably my favorite even though it is so much smaller. 

HA's class Halloween party at school - we made Hershey mummy bars as favors. 

Here is Collins enjoying the party. 

Halloween. HA was Disney's Sofia the First and Collins reused an old pink poodle costume of Harper's. 

Uncle Kevin, Daddy, and Juju came trick-or-treating with us. (Uncle Kevin in costume as usual.) 

For HA's school's Fall Festival, we made and sent in this fun Frankenstein cake. Super easy and too cute!! 

Also in October was my friend Caroline's baby shower. I was in charge of the favors. She loves chocolate, so we went with this Pinterest idea since it's a boy. 

Here are a few more pictures from the shower:

It was so much fun getting to work with Caroline's cousin, Scarlett on this shower!!! I just adore her!!! I think I've made a new friend!

Well, that was October. Next up, November. (So much for me being brief...)