Monday, December 2, 2013

House Hunters

Another major thing that has been going on is the whole house ordeal. We had our house on the market back in the Spring. It didn't sell, so we took it off. In the meantime we found a house in a great neighborhood with amazing schools for the girls. Chris also took his test and became a licensed realtor. That's a long story that basically ends in , "no, he isn't changing careers, he just has this thing with realtors." We got the house for a really good deal, but it is going to be a project. There are many things that need to be redone in the house, and let me just tell you I never ever imagined Chris and myself taking on a project, but the things we do for the right schools for our kids, right?! It is also in the exact area of town that we wanted. It's in Brentwood. We like Brentwood since it places us pretty much 15 minutes from Green Hills or 15 minutes from Franklin. We close on the new house on December 10. We are excited, but we are also stressed to not have our house sold yet. Add to that the fact that I cannot seem to find a job anywhere, our nerves are a little shot. But we know that it will all work out, and I trust that God has a plan to get me the exact job I am supposed to have at the time I'm supposed to have it. I just have to remind myself (and quite often on some days) sometimes. Here is a picture of the new house. One of my first to do's: a new front door!! (chris is already tired of me complaining about it...)