Thursday, September 12, 2013

Negative Nancy

Well, made it through surgery on my teeth, and I must admit Chris was even a pretty good nurse all weekend long. (Since I ended up not feeling well most of the weekend.) I am actually waiting on a call back from the dentist now though, because I think one side may be infected. It is very swollen and I'm still having to take pain medication for it. This was a good week. Mom and Dad finally got to come up for a visit, and HA did great when Mom had to take her wig off to sleep with her (she left on her sleeping cap). In fact, HA told her, "awwww, you look cute!" : ) 
Last night we did the Wednesday Night Live at church. It was a little wild, but I think we will eventually get it down. My Beth Moore bible study doesn't start until next week. I'm excited about it. So my medicine has been working better lately, but I've been a lot more negative than I like to be. I know part of it is just meds not completely right, but it is really bothering me. So I am really focusing on it today and working on not being negative. I don't even have a reason to be negative!!! Here are a few recent pics. 

HA on the way to her first fall soccer game. Man was it hot! 
Chris helped coach. 
HA's new bling shoes I spent time bringing out only to have to come home with ALL of the sparkles peeled off!!!! 

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  1. Love the blinged out shoes!! And I saw your sweet mom at the hair salon last Friday and she looks simply amazing!