Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two in a Row!!

Woot woot!! Okay so somehow I (or Collins) deleted my Blogger app on my phone that I used to blog on and easily add photos. I cannot remember my password which is making it very difficult. I can't figure out how to sign on. Troubleshooting isn't working anyone have help?? If you are a reader that can help message me on here or Facebook. It's driving me insane. 

Today was laundry day and soccer practice. HA cried because they voted on a team name (the colors are black and white) of the White Butterflies instead of her suggestion of the Panda Bears. Tomorrow is my oral surgery. I'm nervous since my Mom won't be here, and I'll have to rely on Chris to be my nurse and babysitter. I think everyone knows no one is a better nurse than your Momma! 

I did want to put a few pics up. Because of my oral surgery, I don't know when I will write again, but I am going to try to keep up the blog much more often again. Here are a few pics I meant to put up on the last post. 

The bravest woman I know!!! 
We are back to school uniforms.
Happy while shopping

Nattie B


  1. The blogger app isn't taking your regular blogger password? That's weird. Or are you posting through something other than blogger now?

    1. I forgot my blogger password, so I'm posting they my blogger app that's already signed in on my iPad.