Friday, June 14, 2013

Still Here Y'all

Well, I haven't really been blogging lately. Haven't been feeling like myself and blogging has seemed to fall on the list of things I'm just not up to doing. That should show you I'm not me. Ha! Me not blabbing? Yeah, that's uncharacteristic of myself. Still waiting on some of my medicine to get in my system. It evidently takes two weeks, so I won't know if it is even working for a few more days. Things going on in the meantime? Well, my Mom came up for what was her last visit before her surgery. She played with the girls and enjoyed holding Collins since she knows it will be awhile before she can hold her after the surgery. I know that was a little hard for her. She was in good spirits although she admitted to being down recently. Who wouldn't be?! That was my response. We are all just nervous of the unknown. I think that's a universal thing. So no exception with the upcoming surgery and recovery process. And before Mom came, I also got to spend time with my friend Tammy and her kids and catch up with her last Friday night. Then on Saturday I hung out with the long lost bestie Bashty. We used to hang out every Saturday before she moved to Dallas. They luckily moved back in Octoberish of last year, but our Saturdays had not gotten completely back on track. I missed her so much, and despite my mood, we had a great day together. She has invited me over and is making me brunch tomorrow. (She's an amazing cook!!) I'm excited!! Another great thing going on starting today is one of my best friends (and college roommate), Amanda is in town with her family for the week. They live right outside of Atlanta, so we rarely get to see each other, but we keep in touch often regardless. This will be her first time meeting Collins!! One last thing...getting together with the church small group for BBQ Saturday night. So, luckily I have a lot to keep me busy with Mom's surgery fast approaching. Just ready for the surgery to be over and the recovery to begin!!


  1. Keeping your mom, you and family in my thoughts and prayers! Sounds like you have a lot to keep yourself busy and hopefully keep your mind off things for a little while, as best as possible.