Sunday, May 5, 2013

Date Night with The Black Keys

So, we went to see The Black Keys on Friday night. It was a date night. Chris and I rarely actually do much on our Friday night "off." A lot of our nights that the girls go to Juju's end up being pizza and watching shows off of the DVR, so it was fun to have somewhere special to go! Especially since it involved The Black Keys who are one of my absolute favorite bands!!! First up - what to wear? (But of course!) Earlier that day (Friday), Collins and I met Wren and baby Scott at the mall to make a return to Stride Rite and look for my Mom a Mother's Day gift. I have yet to accomplish the latter. Since we were already there and Wren was going to the concert, too, we stopped in Forever 21 for a quick look around. We both wanted something new and fun to wear that was going to be cheap. I found an awesome pair of pants that I loved but was unable to find a top that would go with it that I liked, so I striked out. Wren found a cute top to wear with jeans. But when we were grabbing lunch, she suggested I wear a black and white wide chevron blouse I have. So, I wore that with lavender skinny jeans and my black TB flats. I paired the shirt with a long, pale pink necklace I have that gives a lavender hue. I was so glad she brought up that top. It was one of my after Christmas purchases from ModCloth with Christmas $. After Judes picked up the girls, I finished getting ready and we headed out. We parked downtown and first attempted grabbing a bite and drink at Flying Saucer, but it was crawling with people. Did I mention Flying Saucer has Woodchuck? But anyway, that was a bust. We ended up at Margaritaville where I enjoyed myself a variety (okay, it was only two) of their special margaritas. They were both delicious!! My choices: raspberry and the other was something with the Firefly sweet tea vodka and peach schnapps. Since we were downtown (where every Nashville tourist goes), the people at the table next to us were from Maryland. They had come down for George Jones funeral. Say whaaaaat?! Well, to each his own. They weren't even old! Anyway. I think they were expecting to see stars at his viewing and were disappointed when that didn't happen. I just tried to keep a straight face. I was into the 2nd drink by then after all. But anyway. Back to the concert. The Flaming Lips opened, and they were good, but The Black Keys just rocked it. I mean ROCKED it. Major. It was amazing. After the Flaming Lips went off stage, I texted Wren to see where she was sitting. Her text back was "I see you!" They were in our section a few rows down! That was too funny! Anyway, it was amazing. That's about all I can say about that show. Even if I had to walk to the car (out the wrong door that ended up being further away...thanks, Chris) in the cold rain with no umbrella. If you don't know their music, check it out! So I was going to start naming a couple of my favorite songs, but there are actually too many. I would be naming several albums. Try Little Black Submarines, Next Girl, and Everlasting Light to START.

Little Black Submarines

Next Girl

Everlasting Light

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