Thursday, May 2, 2013

After Today I May Be Bald

I'm. Going. To. Scream!!!! Collins is impossible today, and I don't think anything will make HA listen and obey me. I'm a ball of tense nerves. I could scream. I could cry. I need a break that doesn't exist. Want me to top it off? Chris has an after work function tonight, so it's just me all day and night. Right. Feeling sorry for myself at the moment. What's Collins doing right now? Crying in her crib where she's been for at least 10 minutes now. What's HA doing right now? Pretending to take a nap before soccer practice. And what am I doing (besides feeling sorry for myself)? Blogging and texting one of my BFFs (a fellow stay-at-home Mom) for support. It was her idea I blog about it. Like she said, everyone is always telling about the great and fun moments with their kids but not necessarily the frustrating make me want to pull every single hair out of my head moments. I texted Chris to inform him I may be bald by soccer practice time today. We actually have a showing tomorrow, so I need to be up cleaning some more, but my mental health needed a small break to sit and vent. Thanks for letting me vent. Now off to clean the kitchen (again). The joys and fabulosity of a SAHM!

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