Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's What for the Week/Weekend

Well, it's FINALLY Thursday, and I am so thankful. Ready for my Friday night and weekend. You may think stay at home moms (SAHMs) don't care as much about the weekend, but this one sure does! It probably has a little something to do with my girls going to Juju's on Friday nights, too. I'll get to relax after a rough week of what I thought was Collins teething. Took her to the doctor this am after she wouldn't stop screaming at the park, and it turns out she has the hand foot mouth virus. Hers is just in her mouth, so there are little bubble sore on her throat and in her mouth. Poor child!! Here I thought I just had one of the worst teethers ever, and the poor child had painful sores in her mouth on top of teething!! :( Bad Mommy! So, now we know, and I can give her the appropriate Motrin doses that should have it gone by Saturday. Sweet baby girl with horrible mouth and throat sores!!! :( Not sure what we are going to do on Friday night, but I do see a long, hot bubble bath on the agenda. Just sayin'. Saturday will be spent getting the house ready for the Open House we have on Sunday. Sunday will be church and then the Open House. Cross those fingers we can find a buyer!!
I talked to my Mom yesterday on the phone, and she seemed down. It broke my heart. How she hasn't been down and/or anxious before now is a miracle in itself, but hearing that it has finally hit her was hard. I think it is probably the best thing so that she can truly process what is about to happen, but it breaks my heart that she has to feel this way. I'm so ready for this surgery to come and go and start the healing process. I know she is, too!! So many people have been offering their prayers. I mean people I would never dream of. It has meant the world. Things like this really do bring people closer together. Too bad it always has to take something like this in order for people to make the time for one another. One more day closer to surgery means one more day closer to the start of recovery. Praise the Lord!!!

P.S. Small confession: I had Chick-fil-A grilled nuggets for the second time in three days...

~Nattie B


  1. Aw I am praying for a speedy surgery and recovery too. Sorry that your mom has been down. I hope this all goes so well and she is just in the best of spirits after this ordeal. And PS I went to try grilled nuggets today thanks to your post the other day and omg you weren't lying, yummy!

  2. I'll be praying for your mom and I love their grilled nuggets!