Thursday, May 9, 2013

Extreme Road Trip

I call it extreme since it was with a 10 yr old, 5 year old, 4 yr old, and 9 month old!! We were already headed to Covington for Mother's Day weekend, but I was really ready to go. I didn't want to have to wait to leave until Chris got off Friday evening. I was ready to be there. My sister Ashley knew this and graciously offered to come pick up me and the girls. I still can't drive long distances with Collins in the car without someone in the back to entertain her. Normally my Mom would have come to get us, but she is at the beach house with some girlfriends. So she wasn't going to be back in time to come get us early. Let me make it clear I never asked Ash, she just knew I was ready to be "home" and offered. That's the kind of person she is. Selfless. I will tell you I felt entirely guilty letting her do it. Chris thought she was crazy. Lol
After a quick stop to pick up HA and then to grab snacks, we headed out a little after 4. My nephew Nicholas (Nick Nick) sat next to Collins and kept her happy about as much as was possible. We had to make a stop in Jackson to give Collins a break, so we stopped where I always choose - Target. While walking in, Nick Nick stopped, and Ash ran into him. She was wearing flip flops, and it took her toenail off!!! WTH?! When we were there the kids ate in the little cafe, but the only thing HA would eat was Goldfish crackers and a Nesquick white milk jug. This was due to there being an "8 minute wait" for chicken tenders. She is such a picky eater and wouldn't eat a cheese pizza or breadsticks or a big pretzel! Ugh what kid (besides mine) wouldn't like one of those?! Anyway, we get back in the car and within about 15 minutes HA has thrown up all over herself!!! She never throws up. I mean that's maybe the 3rd time in her life she has, and it was everywhere. So we pull off at the next stop which of course has no gas station, etc. and pull up to an old abandoned repair shop. We strip down and clean off HA then Collins was hungry, so Ash told me to go feed her her yogurt while she worked on the seat. As Ash is cleaning HA's seat as best she can with the (only) one container of wipees we had, HA says, "Aunt Asha, wasn't my spit up beautiful colors?!" L. O. L!!!!! Only my kid!!! We were laughing so hard as Ash was trying not to get sick herself! We've decided that her milk must have gone bad. That's the only thing we could come up with. So, there may have been a few "issues" on our adventure, but we made it safe and sound. That's all that matters, right?!! Today I'll be cleaning out that seat. Fun fun!! (Hope you weren't eating when you read this!!!) 

-Nattie B

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