Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is It Over Yet?!

A couple of days ago when I started the posts on Harpers parties I was pumped. I thought it would be fun and even help others to grab ideas if they wanted. Instead of two more days of birthdays, I'm going to finish this up and move on! I'm not going to post pics of every detail, so if you want more details just ask.

Harper's 3rd birthday
Theme: Minnie Mouse
Colors: Pink, Black. & White
Post Pinterest
*Since this was the same color scheme as her 1st birthday, I was able to re-use a ton of stuff!

Dining Room Table
Minnie Papaer plates with ears and bows - Idea from Pinterest. Ordered the bows on Etsy to save time.
She asked for cupcakes, too this year. I'm a pushover.
Streamers = cheap
Re-used her Halloween costume
Cake design = Pinterest idea
Party hats (which she also asked for this year) = Pinterest idea
They were too espensive on Etsy, so I convinced my sister to make them for me.
The boys needed hats, too.

Striped paper straws from Etsy. You can these really cheap in a million colors. I use these straws for all parties.
When they get this age, you have to figure out an activity for the kids. They decorated Minnie/Mickey shaped sugar cookies. Cheap plastic tablecloth.
Pinterest idea
Party favors were big marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and then wither pink or red sprinkles (depending on boy or girl) on lollipop sticks . Cute and cheap.
Harper's 4th Birthday
Theme: Rapunzel & Tangled
Colors: Purple & Yellow
Post Pinterest
Invitation: PDF on Etsy for $10.00. Printed at Sams Club for less than $2.00.
Tangled movie posters from online. Cheap cheap.
You cannot tell, but the kitchen window has a "curtain" of purple, yellow, and lilac streamers. "Frying pans" made of small black party plates at WalMart with a black plastic knife taped to the back. If you have seen Tangled, you understand the significance of the frying pan.
This year we just went with the cupcakes. A friend I grew up with (Brande Hanks Burrow) that lives in my hometown made these. The fondant toppers are things that have to do with the movie/
Front door - Flynn Rider WANTED posters. Printed from computer.
Yellow yarn long braid - this was much harder than it looked online
We set up a princess makeover station where my niece did their make up and gave them jewelry.
The girls were asked to wear their favorite princess dress. We only had girls at this party, and we did it earlier in the day.
Frying pan garland
My sister-in-law surprised HA! She came dressed as a princess, too!! It was so sweet, and all of the little girls thought she really was a princess. After awhile she went and changed into regular clothes. When she came back downstairs, they were looking at her so weird.
Glowing yellow hair on the staircase made of yellow plastic wrap you find on a large bolt at Party City. It "gloes" because of the white Christmas lights wrapped in it.
THE END of Birthday party posts! Woo hoo!
Random Info for the Day - Today is Betty White's 91st birthday! LOL
~Nattie B


  1. I love it all! I miss this age! Brooklyn is pretty much over theme party ideas. Now as long as she can have a sleepover or blare some One Direction on our way to and from a party she is fine, lol