Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Right on Target - Fun Valentine's Day things from Target

I ran in Target today to grab some wrapping paper for Ece's gift I'm taking to ATL on Friday. Like almost everyone else, I never go in Target and just grab what I went for. I headed to the Valentine's section just to get a peek. They had a lot of fun new things including awesome gifts for guys which is so hard to find. It gave me several ideas. Great prices, too! So I thought I would share!!

Neither Chris nor my Dad are big fishing guys, but this was so cute I kinda wish they were (just so I could give this as a gift). One of my best friend's husband AND Dad are big into fishing, so I sent Wren a text with these fishing Valentines.

And even though two of these are fishing themed, the one on the far left is a general Valentine's theme.
Now a remote, that is PERFECT for Chris! Hey! It would work for me, too. If I were buying it for someone like me, I would get this and then put it with a DVD season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Chocolate cigars. They actually have detail that makes them look more like a cigar than this photo shows.
Super fun concept! Taking chocolate and giving it crazy flavors turned into candy bars in adorable packaging. These would be fun to receive even if you never ate it. It is one of those things you would see on someones desk at work. 
This looks like a beer can complete with the tab and rim indent on the top.
For $1 each you could get these for your girlfriends or coworkers and pair it with a individual hot chocolate pouch. Just tie a fun ribbon around the combined two, and you have an inexpensive "little happy" as my sister Ashley would call it.
Who doesn't like a cupcake or even one that just looks like a cupcake?! These came in Red Velvet or Peanut Butter sets.
The 'stach is makin' a comeback!!!
I really liked how they put the traditional candy hearts in small, colorful tins.
How fun are these mustache and lips straws?! I told you the 'stache was makin' a comeback. You could use these all year, not just for Valentine's.
 Fun cupcake toppers!
Hopefully these gave you a new outlook for Valentine's gifts!!


  1. Now I need to run to Target lol. super cute candies!

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  4. okay...I am not going to lie...that chocolate fish is kind of creepy! ha ha I do love the "You turn me on" chocolate remote though! And if my hubby knows what is good for him he will buy my a large handful of those peanut butter and banana chocolate bars. Now that is something he might really benefit from...if you catch my drift!

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