Thursday, January 10, 2013

RIP You Delicious '90s Candies, You

Throwback Thursday is such a fun concept. It always makes me think back to the 'good 'ole days.' The Good 'Ole Days of deliciously amazing candy and sweets! I definitely have a sweet tooth. No really. Really. As in I am a dentist's (and unfortunately an oral surgeon's) dream patient. I have had so many cavities, root canals, and even a few oral surgeries. To say I love my candy is an understatement. But it's just such a happy thing.  : ) So when I think back to the good 'ole days, AKA the '90s, I can't help but recollect a ridiculously large amount of few of my favorite, and unfortunately extinct, sweets from the '90s. So here is a tribute to those sweets that I will never forget. Thank you, sweets of the '90s, for all of the great memories!!
My Favorites
(in no particular order)

Noticing now that it was made by Betty Crocker?! Say whaaaaaat?!!

Life Savers HOLES
Butterfinger BB's
Smurf Magic Berries cereal
The Smurfs!! Team Smurfett
McDonaldland Birthday Cakes
I mean, what kid that grew up in the 1990s didn't go to a birthday party at McDonalds?!!
These cakes were 'off the hook' and had those yummy sugared McDonaldland characters. I remember always trying to be one of the first in line, so I could ask the birthday kid if I could have one of the sugared characters. That's right, I'm that girl. Don't hate!
Melody Pops
The only "musical instrument" I was ever good at (with the exception of rockin' the recorder
in the 5th grade).
One of my Top 5
I have tried to find these at a retro candy store online to purchase. Thus far, no luck.
Dino Pebbles cereal
The Flinstones back when it was a Saturday morning cartoon
Team Betty (although Wilma had a fabulous necklace)
I ate these until the roof of my mouth was raw from the sour flavoring.
Tongue Splashers (gum)
It came in a little mini paint can. I'm sure the parents just loved these.
McDonaldland Cookies
One of my Top 5
OMGosh!! These were sooo good! The OCD in me ate them the same way every time: I ate my least favorite characters first and worked my way up to my favorite - Grimace. He was so cute, I hated to eat him. :)
Mickey's Parade Ice Pops
I never ate the orange ones. (Not even when we had a bought box at home)
Cookies-n-Creme Twix
One of my Top 5
I have also tried to find these to buy online. They no longer exist.
Sprinkle Spangles cereal
They were puffs shaped like stars with nonpareil sprinkles. Who doesn't like sprinkles?
One of my Top 5
Planters Crisps
My Mom loved these, too. The chocolate ones were our favorites.
A favorite in my lunchbox.
Mickey's Parade Mickey Mouse Bar
One of my Top 5
Why would they stop making these?! Yes, of course I have looked online for these too. I even tried to research to see if they have them at Walt Disney World.
The Red Bull of the '90s
I drank these all of the time. I remember when the school Coke machine got them.
Now I bet you believe me when I say I love me some candy!!!  :  )
Have a SWEET Friday tomorrow!!!
~Nattie B


  1. Omg I loved most all of these! Surge was amazing in middle school in gym class. Also miss the Melodie pops and never got a chance to try the cookie and cream twix. I'll ask my friend who works for Disney about the parade bar

  2. Loved Squeeze Its and never noticed it was made by Mrs. Crocker either. What the heck!

  3. Oooh girl! I just got a belly ache just looking at all this sugar! Lol. Are you sure Emmie isn't yours? Ya'll could go head to head in a sweets eating contest!

  4. I loved those Mickey Mouse ice cream bars! Yummy! I would eat the chocolate shell off of his ears first, then his chocolate ears, followed by the rest. Bonkers were a favorite too. Loved the sugar candy things off McDonald's cake. Do you remember Mr. Bulky's at Mall of Memphis? I loved those big jaw breakers from there. Love your blog!