Sunday, January 20, 2013

It May Not Be Spring, but It's Time to Cut the Grass

It has been a weird last few days, but now I'm starting to get excited. This weekend I am headed to HOTlanta. My friend Em and I are going to spend the weekend with Ece (my best friend from high school) to celebrate her birthday. I don't get to see Ece much, and it is always a lot of fun. She is Miss Independent. We like to live vicariously through each other. She gets to hear the pros and cons of the 'married with kids' life, and I get to hear the pros and cons of the single and independent life. It works out really well for us, because it is easy to think the grass is greener on the other side. During our conversations, we are quickly reminded of things to be thankful for in our own situations. She can be thankful for her single life when I am having to compromise with Chris or take care of a screaming baby, and I can be thankful for my life when she is lonely or wishing for a guy. If you think about it, we usually only think that the grass is greener if we don't know someone that well or we don't know much about their situation. If I didn't have a deep relationship with her, I would only see all of the bells and whistles of her life, too. Deep down I would know that her life wasn't perfect, but I would choose to only see the positives, the things she had that I lacked or wanted. I guess I'm just trying to remind myself that the next time I am quick to think someone's grass is greener, I should slow down a little to notice that we all have weeds.

Here is a cool Yahoo article on the world's happiest countries. Despite our vast wealth, the USA is not even in the top 10.