Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saturday Night Live

This Saturday night, I am throwing my friend Wren a Girls Night Out to celebrate her third pregnancy. She has two precious girls, the oldest only 3 months and 3 days older than HA. This baby is going to be a boy! Little MR. Anderson. So Nattie has to spoil his Momma a little before he gets here, and she is running around like a crazy person with 3 kiddos 4 yrs old and under!!??! There is a reason I waited to have my second. I'm already a crazy person, I don't need any help being one! Since it is her third, we are keeping it small and opted for a girls night as opposed to a shower which in my opinion is way more fun.

First, dinner at Wild Ginger.

Afterward, we are headed back to my house for dessert and a movie. I'm trying to decide between What To Expect When You're Expecting and Baby Mama. As much as I love Baby Mama, I'm thinking WTEWYE is the winner. I saw it in the theatre with my friend Kerry. I was pregnant with Collins, and she was expecting her 2nd as well. We liked it alot, so I think it would be fun for Wren to see while she is actually pregnant too. If I can find it?!! Anyone seen it somewhere??

I cannot give you any specific info about my house, because Wren reads the blog. Ha! Don't worry, pictures will be up Sunday.
~Nattie B


  1. I loved both of those movies; they were hilarious!

    1. Thank you for always commenting!! Makes me feel like SOMEONE is reading! :)