Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Par Tay Tay - 2nd Birthday

Hi All! Here are the photos from Harper's second birthday. I couldn't find all of them. Not sure why. Unless I didn't take many, since I wasn't happy with this one. The problem was that we had gotten home from Paris less than two weeks before the party (things like that allow me to add the "Fabulous" in my blog title!! :  ). Prior to the trip when I would normally be making all of the details for her party, I was trying to get everything ready for the big trip including everything for her. She was going to my Mom and Dad's. Everything was very matchy-matchy, which if you remember from yesterday's post, I am not a fan of. It was pretty much thrown together. It was fine. There isn't anything wrong with it. It just wasn't how I like to do things. Please don't think when I go to other peoples parties that I judge how they do them! I honestly don't! I always think they are fun and cute even if they don't get excessive like I do. Most people don't, and I realize that. There is nothing wrong with not being extreme!! So, after saying all of that, here are the photos from HA's 2nd birthday party. Oh, and I don't have much time, so it may not be as neatly labeled or organized.

Harper's 2nd Birthday
Theme: Hello Kitty/Candy
Colors: Pink & Orange


Invitation: Etsy yet again. The circle at the top had clear glitter, and the ribbon is an actual grosgrain ribbon (not just printed to look like ribbon.
On the table in the entry hall. I framed one of the invitations. The Hello Kitty in the airplane was also from Paris.
Solid orange plates and striped Hello Kitty napkins both from Party City.
Kitchen: The plastic tablecloth was from online, but I later saw it at Party City. I found the blow up Hello Kitty in Paris at the famous Luxemburg Gardens. Hello Kitty is huge in Europe! Gerbera Daisies in pink and orange in a vase with a Hello Kitty ribbon and bow. The little spirals were sparkly. I found them in the party section at Walmart.

This was the banner behind the kitchen table on the window. I bought it on Etsy. It was really more than I wanted to pay, but I didn't have time to re-create it.
Dining Room: Solid orange tablecloth from Party City as well as the other half of the plastic Hello Kitty tablecloth. The Hello Kitty tablecloth only came in a rectangle, so I folded it and cut it in half. That way I did an overlay on each table. It saved money, too. I re-used the glass containers from last year to put candy in. Ribbons from WalMart.
Candy: Large lollipops and spiral lollipops were from Kroger. I don't even shop at Kroger, but I ran in for something and saw these. They were on sale for $1 each. I'm sure they were super old, but no one was eating them so who cares! The orange candy on the far right is orange slices. My Dad loves those, so I gave those to him after the party. At least they didn't go to waste. The pink that the round lollipops are standing in is M&Ms from WalMart. I don't know if you know, but in the WalMart candy aisle, they have containers of single colored M&Ms.  Pink and orange round gumballs to the direct right of the round lollipops. I found those at TJ Maxx in the food section. Once again, I'm sure they were old. We threw those away. Pink and orange flower confetti from Party City.
Close up of one of the glass containers on the dining room table. Light pink balls are strawberry Whoppers from WalMart. I had no idea they had strawberry Whoppers. Actually pretty good. Hello Kitty glitter ornament from TJ Maxx and more glitter spirals from WalMart in the party aisle.
Happy Birthday banner from Party City in the dining room. See, I told you this party was matchy-matchy.They had a really cute one on Etsy, but I couldn't justify the price. So I bought coordinating ribbon (the ribbons I used on the tables), punched holes in the fold out banner, and tied the ribbons to make it a little more like the Etsy one. (Didn't really work. LOL)
There are very few.
Doing a theme that is popular makes it easy to find things.
Favors: Pink scalloped containers with orange Hello Kitty appliques filled with random kid stuff.
I found this design on , and I just swapped the colors. The cake is covered in fondant (despite what I said yesterday about fondant). The design couldn't have been done with buttercream. HA loved this cake!!
HA's party outfit. We put Hello Kitty temporary tattoos on the kids (luckily all girls that year).
3rd birthday details to come tomorrow. I hope these are interesting and give you ideas of things to use when throwing a party or shower.


  1. Oh my gosh, those are adorable. Thanks for feeding my fuel of wishing I had a little daughter. = )

    1. Welcome. Come sit for a few days (hours won't do the trick). You may question that desire. :)