Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What is IT?

While riding to HOTlanta this weekend, Em told me that she had seen an article deeming Nashville the new "IT" city. What can I say, I've always been ahead of the curve. :  ) Who am I kidding? I wouldn't even be out of my parent's back yard if it wasn't for Chris. I followed him here. He was the smart one. And when I say followed, I mean it. I cringe when thinking how it sounds..like crazy. Sounds crazy. It was crazy. I know. Luckily for me, it turned out to be God's plan and not just mine! Let me remind you this was a 17 year old's brain. Okay, no more justifications. It went a little something like this:

Girl Meets Boy in May 2009.
Boy is a senior in high school, while girl is just in the 10th grade. (I'm was a sucker for older men.)
Boy goes to a small, conservative Christian college in Nashville as planned.
Girl goes for first visit assuming the college girls are all plain and ugly. It is a small, conservative Christian school after all.
Girl gets terrible shock. She has never seen so many cute, fashionable girls in one small radius in her life.
Girl panics.
Girl immediately starts taking 11th AND 12th grade classes.
Girl graduates high school only one year later and heads to a small, conservative Christian college in Nashville as unplanned. (unplanned = I always said i would go to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.)

Paris on the River Seine
Hey! It's the City of Light & Love

On top of the Eiffel Tower

Okay, now that everyone agrees I am a crazy person (which might I add I am not denying), let us move forward.

I'm so thankful it was Nashville and not somewhere dreadful. I love this city! I love everything about this city. Evidently I am bad about comparing things to Nashville, because there are many times someone in my family says, (in a 'I'm rolling my eyes at you' tone of voice) "we know.....it's no Nashville." This is usually in reference to something in my small hometown. So, here is the article in the New York Times. Read it! It's interesting even if you aren't obsessed like I am.

Chris had a great idea, and for Christmas Chris  HA gave me a subscription to the NASHVILLE magazine. I just received my first issue in the mail last week! Can't wait to read it!!
Is there a way to remove the comments section for just one post??! LOL No crazy person comments needed. ; )
~Nattie B


  1. Lol! Jeremy's family is all from middle TN and his uncle works in Nashville. He's been trying to talk us into moving for as long as I have known him lol! It is such a great town though

  2. Shane went to school in middle TN and we love that area. We always make at least 1 trip to Nashville each year. I love it! Love the pics too, and I love that show!