Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hibernation Party Anyone?!

I haven't written in a few days. My week has been pretty draining. Collins is teething and has an ear infection, so even less sleep than usual for me. And I'm not big on sleep as it is. She constantly wanted to be held, and she didn't nap at all. I had Wren's girls night to celebrate the coming arrival of little Mr. Anderson tonight. I was trying to get ready for that, but it was nearly impossible. There I was stressed out and sleep deprived, and what do I do when Collins naps for slightly over 20 minutes on Friday? Nap? Ummm..right. I didn't say what should I have done. This is me, so of course I pushed a little farther. I made 21 Groundhog's Day snacks for HA's class and had them to her school about 9 minutes shy of snack time. I knew HA and her class would be so excited!!

Her class was having a 'Hibernation Party' in celebration of Groundhog's Day, so they wore their pj's! We had to add a layer or so since it was freezing outside.
Here we have our WalMart Minnie Mouse gown, white t-shirt, black leggings, her official Minnie headband, and even Minnie Mouse stick-on earrings!! That's how she rolls.
I was headed to drop her off that morning, and we were talking about the groundhog.
Me: Do you know what his name is?
HA: No, Ma'am.
Me: Phil. Who else do you know named Phil?
HA: POP! (That's what she calls my Dad.)
Me: That's right. He is Punxsutawney (yes, I just googled that spelling) Phil.
HA: [Laughs] But Mommy, his name is just Feeeeellll. Right?
Me: Right.
10 minutes later, out of nowhere, of course...
HA: Mommy, what's Feeeeellll's last name?
~Nattie B

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