Thursday, February 21, 2013

Take Out, Family, & Mexican

Okay. So, you're going to crack up. Remember how I had those lovely Pinterest recipes, well...That didn't exactly happen. You see, what had happened was... Collins was still fussing, so I decided maybe I should take her to have her ears checked again. Not sleeping or eating and being fussy are not things normally used to describe Collins. I love how sometimes it takes me much longer to figure something out than it should! Turns out, the ear infection had never gone away. So now we are on medication numero three, and I'm crossing my fingers for the old "third times the charm!" Scratch that. Let's make that crossing my fingers AND toes. So, since I had to rush to the pediatrician at the last minute late afternoon, that left me no time to cook my delicious Pinterest recipes that had my mouth watering all day just thinking about them. All of that potato prep at 1:00 pm was for nothin'!! My dad had driven up from Covington (the small town outside of Memphis where I'm from), to bring the girls and me back to their house for the weekend. So, take out from Pei Wei was ACTUALLY what was for dinner!!!

Well, we finally made it to Covington. It only took 4.5 hrs to make a no-more-than 3 hour trip! It started out on a bad note when we had made 3 stops before we even got on the main interstate to head out of town. First up was the Dunkin Donuts drive thru for Munchkins (what they call their donut holes) followed by Sam's for gas in the car (which should have been done the day before), and finally Hardee's drive thru for my Dad's favorite biscuit sandwich. Things went well for awhile, and I even got to ride in the front seat and not entertain. I was starting to get comfy when away went sweet Collins and out came the screaming banshee baby. At that point we were about 20 minutes outside of Jackson (, Tn which is about 40 minutes from our destination). Needless to say, we made a visit to the Jackson Target. I actually hate that Target, because it always looks so ransacked, but it was the relief we ALL needed. Man do they have some cute little baby faux Sperry's...but anywho. In the end, we made it safe and sound which is all that really matters!!!

For dinner tonight we did my parents usual Thursday night Mexican at a little place called Margarita's. yum yum. It was wild since we had so many there including a teenager, 2 preteens, 2 four yr olds, and a 6 month old. Someone was constantly up and about or in the bathroom (playing). Just glad to be "home." One of my homes, that is. It always feels like comfort, and my Mom helps with the girls to give me a little break. Tomorrow I am meeting my cousin (who I haven't seen in forever....check out her blog: "A Plane Doctor, His Nurse & Three Little Passengers"...button over to the left) lunch at the little cafe on the square and hanging out with my sister and her boys at our parents house. Good times!!! One last thing, several people have told me lately how much they love the blog. Good to know people are reading since my "followers" number is only 11. Is it difficult to "follow" or something or are you peeps just tellin' lies? Lol JK!

- Nattie B

Pics: Collins at the doctor yesterday and pics from the trip today (pre and post-banshee)

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