Monday, February 18, 2013

New Direction?

Well, it's 5:45 am, and I'm up. I awoke to Collins moving around about 5, so I got up and fixed a bottle only to realize she had dropped back asleep. The problem? Now I can't fall back asleep. Normally, Chris would already be off at the gym, but since he is off for President's Day today, he's still sound asleep, too. I laid awake in our bed for awhile before deciding to take the baby monitor in the guest room so I could get on my phone. So here I am in the dark when I start thinking about my blog. I'm wondering if I should take it in a new direction and give it more of a certain theme. I feel like I'm not really posting lately (post Collins getting better), because I feel like I don't have some big thing to discuss. I also have a bad habit of wanting to add pictures, etc, which means I have to post on my desktop and not phone. But that takes a lot more time, and the new medicine I'm on makes me sleepy, so I'm not actually up until 2 am trying to find ways to waste time.
What would my 'theme' be? The things i love: party planning, Fashion, Mommyhood, Decorating...I'm not sure I'm making sense right now. It is 5 something in the am. And for all of you put there that are regularly up at this here early hour, don't hate that I'm stressing how early and out of the norm this hour is for me. Lol I think I just need to post randomly like I planned, but actually post when I have an idea as opposed to trying to make one long posts. Okay. I can do I think I'm going to do a little Groupdealz and Very Jane 'window shopping,' and attempt to fall back asleep for a few minutes!

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  1. Oh gosh, I wish I never would have been introduced to Very Jane lol. So jealous of people who were off today. Boo lol. : )