Monday, February 4, 2013

Yummy To My [Valentine's] Tummy

I was back in the Valentine's Day aisles in Target today snooping around. I swear they always have something I didn't pay attention to the time before. Today I was extra hungry, so I had my eye on anything food related. Which is probably why I headed to that section in the first place...And of course I found some super easy DIY that aren't too DIY if you know what I mean. Or as Sandra Lee would call it, "semi-homemade." That's how I roll. Here are a few things I found.

Wilton makes these awesome little box sets. These are really great if you don't want to take the time to Pinterest things or go to a lot of trouble. Everything is included to make the fun "animal" except the cake mix and icing. These would be cute for a class party or a fun night at home!

[Cute] Monkeys @ Target

They didn't have these at Target, but I bought these ladybugs last week at Party City to make with HA one night before Valentine's.

We did one of these boxed sets at Christmastime and made reindeer cookies. They are quick and easy for a 4 year-old which makes it actually enjoyable for the adult, too. lol
Here was Harper's first one:
These are cute, but really? You need a "kit" for this first one??! Please.
I LOVE the whole cake pop craze!!! I am all about it, and they are deeeelicious!!
In fact, they also had this that is now on my infinite Wish List.
And when all else fails....there's the ridiculously adorable Dough Boy.
And for a 'lil can never have too much classy sparkle. Key word - classy. And it is a big key word.
Now I'm headed to get my Pinterest on and look for things to take to HA's school for Valentine's Day.
~Nattie B

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