Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tooth Fairy

So I didn't post yesterday, because I was too drugged. Let me explain. I had a dentist appointment Tuesday morning. I was getting my teeth cleaned, and one of my old crowns felt slightly loose. I figured I'd just have to have the crown reattached. After the cleaning, they took an X-ray only to discover I had sensitivity over by that crown due to a large abscess at the root!! I had to have an emergency tooth extraction!!! Ouch. Ouch. And ouch. Luckily the dentist was able to squeeze me in that day since my Mom was in town and could watch the girls. I had a minor freak out moment while I was alone in the surgery room hooked up to an electronic blood pressure machine. I had a flashback to my heart issues when the machine went off twice within a minute. At that moment, fear and anxiety overtook my entire body, and I had to talk my way back to my IGBOK mentality. (It's gonna be okay!) while I was in the waiting room and they were prepping the OR, all I could think about was what ridiculous thing(s) would come out of my mouth while I was drugged. Sure, it wouldn't take very long for me to fully be out, but in that meantime there's just no telling what I would say. I mean, let's face it, I don't hold back too much to begin with, so at that point I'm sure wherever I took the conversation would be dangerous. Since I'm me, I of course voiced my concern to the dentist and his assistant to which his response was that they would treat it "Vegas-style!" As in what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Lol Here we are 2 days later. My poor Mom has been stuck here the past couple of days when she needs to be home getting ready for a big party she's hosting at their house in early April, and I'm in pain. The oops of the day? Yes, already an oops. This am my Dad had texted to check on how I was feeling. I responded that my mouth was hurting and repeated how bad for emphasis. The problem?? I accidentally responded to Wren who was about to have a c-section!!!!! So there I was (unknowingly) texting someone about to give birth how my mouth was hurting "realllllllly" badly!!!!! Nice. Luckily, I caught it and was able to apologize before she thought I was completely losing it!!! Love ya Wren, and welcome to this crazy world baby Scott Howell!!! Nattie can't wait to hold you!!!

-Nattie B

Pics: yesterday was Wacky Wednesday at HA's school. It's Dr. Seuss week. Here is her wacky hair and mismatched outfit. Collins turned 7 months old yesterday, too!!


  1. IGBOK mentality - Oh! That's nice! I got a new learning for today! Haha! Anyways, don't you think being drugged is kinda fun? Haha! When my son got his tooth extracted, they drugged him and I took a video of him babbling things that he doesn't remember anymore. It seems kinda funny when it happens to other people. So, being the silly me, I don't bring anyone to my dental visits. Just in case, I had an emergency tooth extraction. Haha!

    Latarsha Ghoston

    1. Oh, I totally love it! I just cringe to think what it would be like if anyone ever filmed it!!! LOL : )

  2. Honestly, laughing gas is the only thing that makes me happy when a dentist comes to mind. I had my fair share of worst experiences with my former dentist that I wouldn't ever forget. I'm just glad that my new dentist is very gentle and nice. She takes care of me and my teeth very well.

    Caitrin Femia