Sunday, February 3, 2013

Over the Rainbow - A Party for Little Mr. A

So, as I had said earlier in the week, I was hosting a Girls Night Out to celebrate my friend Wren's third pregnancy. I don't dare say her last. I wouldn't be shocked if there was a number 4 eventually, since I don't think I have even her her say it is for certain her last. We had a great time. If you live in or visit Nashville (well really the Franklin area), you need to go to Wild Ginger. It has pricey entrees, but the largest part of the menu is from the WOK which is all very reasonable. I had the Wild Ginger Fried Rice with Shrimp, and it was delicious!! After I finished, I ran out early to get the flowers I had already forgotten at the store earlier in the day. I also wanted to get home and make sure Chris had not made any little messes around the house after I left. I have the flowers in hand at the self-pay when I remember that I left my credit card with my friend Nicole for her to pay my check. Right. And, of course, I can't leave hoping no one noticed since I almost ran into the customer service guy right by the check out. As I leave I contemplated turning and waving bye. So no flowers after all as you will see in the pictures. NOT a big deal. Then I get home and start trying to make the popcorn. Idiot proof, right? Or not. By the time the girls got there, my garage was holding two full bags of burnt popcorn. Rule number one on the bag said not to use the 'popcorn button.' I always use the popcorn button. I didn't use it. The end. We chatted a bit and watched the movie. I had forgotten how good it was. Funny but with substance just like I like. If you haven't seen it, you need to. Hulu it or whatever. So, here are some pics.

Here we all are at Wild Ginger. That's me at the bottom right of the photo. I saw this and thought, "Wow! You are all up in that picture." It looked like I was takin' over. Gotta love that angle. Wren, the actual guest of honor, is across the table and second from the bottom.
Back at the house
Notice the ribbon-prepped empty flower vase. lol
I found these plates and napkins at Party City.
I use the striped straws (Etsy) for everything. Every. Thing.
The individual popcorn boxes were from Michaels. They were only $2.50 for an 8 pack. I added the yellow glitter to the writing.
I prefer my popcorn with peanut M&Ms melting in the bottom. I've even put M&Ms in the microwave before. Yeah, you read that right. Don't hate. Not to melt them completely. Just to where when you pinch one, it caves in between your fingers. Try it. It's delicious. You're welcome.
Duct tape from JoAnn's Craft Store
Whale Wishes PDF from Etsy printed on cardstock from Office Depot
Everyone wrote cute, fun messages on five diapers for Wren to have a smile while changing diapers the first few days .Idea from Pinterest.
The cupcakes were a long story. In the end, I got these from Publix, which is a grocery store but nicer than any Kroger-type you will ever find. They have the BEST customer service and are so friendly and helpful. It can be shocking at times. I just took them the napkin to match. I asked for fondant, but the lady said she thought they would be cuter in just buttercreme.
Strawberry Lime Jones Sodas jazzed up with the most recent pic of Wren's bump. The BEST part of this picture is her 2 year old on the potty behind her with her head peeking around. If you don't know these sodas, they always have photos on them. Not exactly like this, but my idea was there.
On the den mantle, I hung all of the movie posters from What To Expect When You're Expecting.
Here is one of the trailers from the movie.
Favors: Peanut M&Ms
Wren even left me an adorable hostess gift that I LOVE!!!
I liked it so much that I got on the computer and looked to see if they had anything else in this fabric.
~Nattie B

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  1. This was such a cute idea for your friend! I loved all the decor! I did get a chuckle about the flowers! My Mamaw and Papaw used to live in FL and I always LOVED going to Publix there! It is the little things that just make your little heart happy when having to go to the grocery store! HA HA

    Linz @ Country Roots City Living