Friday, February 22, 2013

Open Mouth, Insert Stiletto

Lunch today was so fun! It was great to catch up and automatically be comfortable with someone you haven't seen in forever!! She wasn't even embarrassed when I ordered from the kid's menu. In fact, we both did and not for monetary purposes. Hey! You like what you like, and chicken tenders just sounded better than shellfish crepes! My foodie bff Bashty will get a good laugh out of that one! We ate at Old Town Hall & Cafe on the Covington square. After we ate, we headed to the shopping part of our outing followed by grabbing one of Brande's y-u-m-m-y chocolate chip cheesecake cupcakes from Perennial. If you live in or near Covington, and you haven't had one of these, fix that!! she sells them at the front counter of the new store Perennial on the square. The one downfall of the day? My big mouth. We were walking through a couple of stores on the square. One of the shops still had it's entire front window decorated for Valentine's Day complete with a large, wooden cut out of Cupid and his arrow. I had noticed it as I continuously circled the square hoping for a parking spot to open up on the right side (which never happened). So there we are on the sidewalk walking in the store's direction when it happens. I open my mouth, and in turn, insert a very large foot that's possibly wearing a stiletto! Out flies a couple of comments about the fact that it is not only not Valentine's Day but already February 20-something and the window shows no signs of life or something to that effect. She wanted to go in to look around, so we did. Not 5 seconds later (aka directly behind us), the door dings again. In walks the shop's owner who is explaining WHY she hasn't had a chance to put out her spring things and put up her Valentine's. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to bend down, lift up a wooden board, and crawl under the floor!!!!! I'm 99% sure that wasn't a coincidence... Me and my very big mouth. I felt awful!!!!!!! I was so embarrassed I didn't even mention it. I'm honestly surprised things like that don't happen to me more often!

Pic: Here we are at Old Town Hall. Linds thinks her hair looks awful in this picture (which it doesn't!), so I hope she doesn't get mad I posted this pic. As far as I'm concerned, as I was heading out the door to go to lunch, my Mom told HA that I looked like an Easter egg with my neon pink top paired with lavender cords. My response? "Lavender is the new neutral!"

Love you, Linds! So thankful to have reconnected!! XOXO!!

-Nattie B


  1. First of all I hate when that happens! And I love Old Town Hall. Miss Charlene is so sweet!!! Brande is baking cupcakes for the party tonight. : ) And I would take that as a compliment. Easter eggs are colorful, pretty and fun!