Sunday, February 24, 2013

Funny Bunny [Craft]

Well, as you know, we were supposed to go back home today. Where am I? Still at my Mom & Dad's. Somehow my Dad and I completely missed the fact that my Mom would have to stay at their house with my nephews while he drove us back to Nashvegas. Long story short, neither my dad nor Chris wanted to spend their Sunday on the road all day, so here we are. Still. I'm a planner, so in my head, it was time to go back. That WAS the plan. But I'll accept the extra night sprawled across the entire bed without worrying about Collins waking up! So let's just pretend we weren't supposed to go back until Monday.

We didn't really do anything much today except hang around the house. And I know I've mentioned recently that I'm ready for Easter crafts. A couple of days ago, my mil Judy had shared a photo on Facebook with this adorable picture of a bunny Peep driving a Twinkie car! Have you seen it?! It. Cracks. Me. Up. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it before, but this might be a good time to add that I'm easily amused. Very. But hey! It can make everyday things a lot of fun sometimes. So back to the bunny driving a car. (Insert laughter here.) Since I was already pretending it was on the schedule to stay another day, I extended my make believe and pretended it was already March so that we could make the funny bunnies!! It was a perfect kid craft, because it was cute, easy, quick, and cheap!! Below are our funny bunnies! You could use all different kinds of candies and really get creative with the car details, but this was the perfect amount of detail (and time) for the two 4 year olds.

HA wanted her bunny's "headlights" to be pink instead of yellow. She also insisted on adding extra candies to jazz up her bunny's wheels. Just one candy in the center didn't cut it for her! She. Is. So. My. Child.

-Nattie B