Monday, February 11, 2013

MIA (and not the artist known as)

I've been a little MIA lately. I have a bunch of stuff on my mind. First, as we've established, I take anti anxiety meds. Long story extremely short (which is nearly an impossible thing for me, bc I talk so much), we have found what is seeming to be the right medicine. I feel like me again after over 2 years of being ill, negative, and quick tempered. I'm so embarrassed by how selfish and negative I had become. That really just wasn't me and never felt right. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I can't be selfish! I'm just saying I'm not 24/7. I thought i had just become a big you know what. Glad that wasn't the case. And now I feel like I'm playing catch up on everyone except myself. I'm having to ask questions I know I should know the answer to, and I cringe with each one. It literally took about 2 days, and I already felt completely like myself again. I'm so thankful and blessed, but now the "real" me is left with such guilt over how I acted and treated several of those closest to me. Luckily for me, they still love me, and I love each of them more than words can say!!!!! Next is Spain. We are headed to Spain in March with my in laws, so I'm trying to get everything ready for that. Spain would be an example of the 'fabulous' in my blog title. Finally, Valentine's Day stuff. I've just been on Pinterest looking for fun things to give to HA's class and what treats to make. I grabbed most of the stuff at WalMart today, but I have a couple of things to get at JoAnn's tomorrow to finish them up. A few in between things that have been on my mind are redecorating the playroom, starting a consignment, getting the house ready to possibly put on the market, and Collins has an ear infection and cold. So, I've got to get better about getting some of my thoughts out on the blog which would probably be helpful!! Happy Monday!!

- Nattie B

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