Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why I'm Ready for March!

I'm soooo ready for March, and not just because of hopefully warmer weather! Here (in no certain order) are my really good reasons why:

1. Spain! My mother and father-in-law are taking us and my little brother (-in-law, but I just call him my little brother. I've known him since he was 12!) and his wife to Spain for vaca. I'm not complaining. I am sad to leave my girls, but they will be more than happy with my Mom & Dad and my big sis, Ashley & her family. HA is so excited about it. I get major anxiety when thinking about being gone from them for 10 days, but I did it with HA when we went to Paris and ended up having the time of my life. So, I just keep reminding myself. I think I will be okay once I get on the plane, and we get the trip started, but the anticipation is driving me crazy! Luckily, we live in the era of FaceTime!!! First up on the agenda is Barcelona. We will also visit Tarifa, Morocco, Granada, and Madrid. I'm a lucky girl.

Tangier, Morocco
2. Easter!! I love spring and all things Easter!! Since we are going to be gone for a chunk of March, I think I may have to start the fun crafts sooner rather than later. Like maybe this week. Don't hate. Of course I'm headed to my Pinterest board ("on the Third Day") for some fun ideas! Here are a couple I'm going to try:
I LOVE this one, and how yummy it will be, too!!
Jellybean topiary
Bunny Butt cake...so cute!
Since I was looking at Easter things, I went back to last year to look at the pictures. Here are a few of my favorites from last year's church egg hunt:
HA ready to head to the church Easter egg hunt.
HA and Liv (Wren's oldest daughter) at the church Easter egg hunt! Silly, sweet girls and best buddies!!
Super into the sack race!
3. Ker comes to visit!! Kerry is a close friend of mine I met through our church small group a few years ago. We just clicked, and I adore her. We were even pregnant with our 2nd at the same time, both of which ended up being girls. Collins and Campbell were born 2 days apart! Shortly after, this past October, she and her hubby and two kids moved to the Seattle area. That is close to her Mom, who was thrilled, so I attempted to put on my big girl panties, but it has sucked. They are coming to visit for a couple of weeks when we get back from Spain, so I'm ready to see her, too!!
Ker at my 30th birthday party in October. 2 days before she left for Washington. Sorry, Ker, I was going to use that one of us, but it wouldn't let me rotate it. Love ya! You look adorable as always!!
4. Baskin Robbins ice cream bunny cake!! Shock I look that forward to food! It's an unspoken tradition in my family to have a bunny cake at Easter Sunday lunch, and my favorite is the Baskin Robbins ice cream bunny cake. It. Is. Adorable AND delicious!! I think I get as excited about this as HA does.
So as you can see, I have some major reasons to be excited about March this year!! Not to mention that some of my favorite people were born in March - Chris, my Mom, Chicken (AKA the BFF/AKA Bashty), Manda, & Dev...whew! March is almost like Christmas time with all of the gifts! Only 10 more days until March 1!





  1. Ooh sounds like March is going to be awesome!! I cannot wait to see the pictures from your trip to Spain!!! And how stinkin adorable is HA dressed up for Easter last year. Omg.

  2. Spain will be so much fun!! And I love that bunny butt cake lol. Can't wait to see you Saturday!

  3. You are going to LOVE Spain! My husband took me when we first started dating since his dad and step mom were living over there. We toured a lot of Southern Spain. I got this gorg bracelet in Granada which it is the 7 Seas of Andalucia. Walking is so much fun there. Their coffee is so good I always got the coffee con leche (coffee with fluffed milk) you will need to try their Tinto Con Rojo (sp) and Tinto Con Limon. If you have the time you HAVE to go to Gilbralter and hike up it. It's more fun to hike up it and ride the cable car down. While going up it there are little rock apes on the entire thing. Sometimes you will get lucky and can pet them. If it is a really nice clear day then you will be able to see the tip of Africa and then obviously the other side is the med sea! I am so jealous you are going to Spain! It's the best!!!! :)