Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's been a weird week...

Wow. It's been a weird week. Really, a weird 24 hours. I'm at my Mom & Dad's again. My Mom came up Friday to bring us here yesterday after HA's soccer pictures and game. My nephew Brandon (aka "bb") turned 5 this past week, and we wanted to be at his party (yesterday). He and HA are close buddies. When we got there we found out my Dad had scraped his hand on a door and that it was badly bruised. It was gorgeous outside, so everyone was outside, but he was inside with his hand all wrapped up and iced. Long story (not exactly) short, when my mom and the girls and I got back to my parents house later that night, my dad was headed out the door to the ER! Being the good daughter that I am (LOL), I offered to go with him. We finally arrived back at home around a little after 2:00 AM!! Luckily, it was just a hematoma with no broken bones or blood clots! Although everything turned out to be fine, it was kind of scary!
I spent my morning in a fog due to taking my medicine late (because we got home so late) and having to eat something at the exact same time. When I eat something while taking my medicine, it makes me feeling out of it for several hours the next day. That always throws me off for the day.

I know I had mentioned that my mom has to have a biopsy on her right breast, but I haven't really said much about it. It's not until the 16th, and I think it is in the back of all of our minds although no one is talking about it other than the occasional mention of how "it will all be fine."

Well tonight we received some bad news about a close family friend. That just added to the strangeness of this 24 hour period. So now my parents are upset which no one likes to see their parents upset, right? (Or get bad news about someone they love for that matter!)

And then there's the whole thing with having the house "on the market" and not being sure how I feel about it. I mean I guess you get attached to a house more than you realize. Or at least the memories in the house. I'm ready to move on, but I'm scared we won't find the right house in our budget. Normal first world middle class problem, I know!

Anyway, I just feel like I have a lot of things going on in my head that I just can't seem to fully express. Hope I haven't rambled too much.

-Nattie B

Below are some pictures from the soccer game, birthday party, and a few I took of the girls today while my Mom was planting flowers.


  1. Love all the pictures!! Great photos with all the flowers around. And your nephew is absolutely precious. Glad your dad didn't break anything. Are you still in town or did yall head back yesterday?

    1. We are already back home. Thank goodness. Too much drama in that short visit. Lol