Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lazy Sunday

We have had a mostly lazy but good Sunday. We skipped church, because it was the Sunday for the big push on the new building fundraising, so we slept in. The girls were at the in laws, remember? Chris went for a run, and I got the house straightened up (in case they called for a showing) and got ready for the day. We were meeting all the Buckley clan for lunch. Then I went for a short leisurely walk in my skinny jeans and flip flops and talked to my sister Ashley on the phone for awhile. We went out to eat and ended up at Minami. It's where they cook the food at the table. Met up with everyone, ate lunch, the boys moved some furniture at the in law's, and we have been here napping the rest of the day. The girls I mean. I didn't nap, but I've been piddling around doing a lot of nothing. So, no showings again today, but like my Mom said, "be thankful for the restful day you are getting!" And Collins is teething something terrible today and truly needed this long nap as opposed to being wagged all over. Waiting now on my Mom and Dad (yes, he decided to come last minute...and with the new puppy) to get here later tonight. Watch someone want a showing tomorrow when ill have an extra two people and puppy at my house for 2 days! Now that's how it works!!

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