Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Weekend

It's already been a fun weekend, and luckily, it isn't even over yet!
Friday am: shopping with Wren, Scott, & Collins - always fun and relaxing.
Friday pm: dessert and drinks at J Alexander's with Kerry (who is about to leave to go back home to WA state *insert very sad face here*) and Wren. We had so much fun!! Love my girls!!!! We all highly recommend the very best chocolate cake, creme brûlée, and carrot cake! Yes, we did a sampling of over half of the dessert menu. Don't hate!
Sat am: hair appt. back to blonde, baby!! (still not a "bombshell" though) It's my comfort zone, and right now I need my comfort. (Being nervous about my Mom's upcoming biopsy this Tuesday - please be praying!!) Is it ridiculous that my hair color affects how bad or not as bad I feel about myself? (Hoping that's normal.) I also had to do a little Junior League stuff for the upcoming Club 22 Shopping Card (insert plug:, so I found myself back at the mall. What a shame. I love to shop. Only problem? My husband is extremely tight. Lol I did leave with a cute little outfit for HA though. Don't we totally do that as moms?! Buy for our kids first? I certainly do! There was a way cute dress on sale I wanted, but I got her something instead. She will look way cuter in it than I would have the dress anyway. ; )
Sat pm: Worked on more of the launching of my new Facebook children's consignment sale page called The Lemonade Stand. I'm praying it actually takes off!!! Please go check it out if you haven't, and I'm running a special for the first 2 weeks of free listings. So let me know if you have things you'd like to sell!! We only have a few items on there right now that I put up today, but hey! Gotta start somewhere, right?! Also just played outside with the kids. The temperature was perfection! No showings on the house today, and none scheduled for tomorrow. That's not giving me a good feeling...but any who. All in God's timing I guess!
Tomorrow: church then Chris' work baseball game followed by dinner at his parents. Chicken spaghetti with rotel. Yummy!! And I don't have to cook - bonus!!!

-Nattie B

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