Wednesday, April 3, 2013

(No) Post Its

Okay, so there's been no post due to several reasons. Number 1: Collins is teething, and therefore has to be held almost all of the time. One word? Joy (highly sarcastic)! Number 2: Jetlag. Yes, still. For some reason, I just cannot seem to get caught up on sleep!! This is very unlike me and highly annoying! Number 3: We just put the house on the market. Not through a realtor of course, but for sale by owner. So ive been trying to keep everything clean and take pictures for online. Number 4: my Mom has a lump on her right breast We just found out about it this week. They found something, so she was called back again for an additional mammogram. After two mammograms and an ultrasound, they determined she will need a biopsy. To say that we're praying is an understatement!! Number 5: some Junior League stuff, and finally Number 6: I'm trying to get a children's upscale consignment page called The Lemonade Stand up on Facebook. These are obviously not in order of importance!! :) just know for those who read, I'm alive, and I will get to posting as soon as I can. If Collins would let up a little, that would most likely do the trick. :)

-Nattie B