Monday, March 11, 2013

Are We Even Gone Yet?!

I started it off that way, because I know Friday's post will most likely be "are we there yet?" WIDT?

HA to school.
Target to return a dress that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely loved it on myself in the dressing room (and my mom did too) but hated it when I tried it on before putting it in the suitcase yesterday.
Headed home, and thought to myself when I got in the car and saw the time how quickly I had gotten Harper to school today. I was proud of myself until I later realized I had yet to change the clock in the car!!! Oops!
Dropped off a little happy for my sister-in-law at my little brother's school.
Collins went down for a nap.
Got ready.
I started packing. Tried on outfits and packed those that I liked. I easily became overwhelmed while packing, so I moved on to other things.
Worked on a little surprise that I'm doing for Chris.
Had to wake up Collins and was still late to my cardiologist appointment!
Had an echocardiogram.
Received an amazing report!! All praise be to God!!!!!!
Got gas at Sam's, and then picked up HA from school.
Dropped off lavender pants to be hemmed at the cleaners.
Cooked dinner. (You will notice I never cleaned up, and I can count on one hand how often that happens!)
Watched Sophia the First on the iPad with HA.
Put HA to bed and took over an hour nap myself!!
Watched RHOBH.
Hoping tomorrow is more productive!!

-Nattie B


  1. Love those mint flats too! And I never feel like I clean up after cooking fast enough. I get so tired after making dinner though and making sure everyone has what they need. By the time I eat I really don't feel like cleaning up.

    1. I always do, bc it literally grosses me out to see the food!! Lol the flats are from Banana. Cuter than comfortable...they have been removed from my suitcase after I wore them on an errand today... :(