Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Has Arrived @ 2021 Sherbrooke Lane

Okay, so even though I had to brave the snow (not really sticking snow, but it sounds cool, right?!) and icy winds in order to make my hair appointment this Saturday, I've been working on locating some of our spring decor up in the attic to make our home more cheerful! It's always so sad looking after you take down all of the Christmas decorations. To me, the house just seems so empty and cold. The cold part may be Chris's fault. He is super duper frugal and keeps our thermometer on whatever is the most cost-effective. I'm not claiming that I don't tweak it a little (or even a lot) here and there. So I just got in the mood to make things a little brighter around the house. Turns out, we don't really have any spring decorations at least not that I can locate. Since I just had the unexpected big tooth expense, and we have two upcoming even more expensive tooth implants, I can't spend a lot of money to decorate the house for spring even if I want to. I did find a big Easter bunny that I received when my Granny died. She was amazing and so much fun!!! She always loved holidays. ALL holidays. Any excuse for a holiday or celebration. Sound familiar? :) To say she loved them is probably an understatement. She had decorations for every holiday you can imagine. And when I say she had decorations I mean that she had tons of decorations. (An entire outdoor garage full.) We aren't even Irish, but if it was St. Patrick's Day, her house looked like a leprechaun had thrown up everywhere. I say that in a good way! It just made every holiday so much fun growing up!! I want to do that for my girls. Unlike her, I don't have a husband that gives into my every want (which even though I hate to admit it, I'm glad he doesn't, because I would be a brat!), so my house won't look quite as elaborate as hers did, but I can still do a little something here and there. So, I have put out what I could find and gather up and turn into a spring and/or Easter decoration. I'm not done, but it's starting to finally look like Spring around here! It makes me smile when I walk into each room that has a fun decoration! Here is what I have gotten done thus far. The rest I will just have to wait to do as I can monetarily or when I find some awesome sales!

This is on the table in the entryway. The cute blue glittered bunny I found last week at Wal Mart for $0.99 in the Easter aisles. The ribbon I added was just extra I had laying around the house.

This egg runner and bunny placemat on the kitchen table were awesome TJ Maxx Homegoods (in Brentwood) finds. The runner was $4.99, and the bunny was $2.99! I think they are a big impact for such a little price!!
On the mantle in the den, I put this glass vase I had and filled it with pastel jelly beans and a fun orange pom pom style flower I found at Target this am. The candy was about $2.25, and the pom pom was $3.50 for the stem. I love the pom poms so much, I am thinking of going back to get a couple more to rework my completely faded Spring front door arrangement. Next I am going to work on a Peeps bunny thing to hang from the mantle. Pics to follow after I finish that project.
For the dining room table, I used a Pottery Barn runner that I have had a couple of years along with my Granny's big bunny!! I just tried to put together some of my glass vases and containers with pastel colored things to make it more interesting. I'm not loving the ribbon (which I already had) on the glass with the eggs. I will most likely end up getting a wider ribbon sometimes and putting it on there. I borrowed the eggs from my mil Judy, and I used some of my stock of striped straws I get on The candy in the bottom bowl was $2.25.
And FINALLY...on the coffee table in the living room which you can see from the front door, I have this great glass pedestal container from Pottery Barn that I have had for several years. It is awesome, because you can fill it up with all kinds of fun stuff depending on the holiday or occasion or in my case, the party theme! I put plastic green Easter basket grass with fun plastic eggs on top that I had been wanting to get and use for Easter pictures with Collins and HA.
Both from Target:
Basket Grass: $1.50
Designer Eggs: $5.00
So, it's getting a little brighter in here after all!!! YAY!!
~Nattie B


  1. Love all the spring cheer!! I always get depressed after I take down the Christmas decorations so not this year because we were moving but the year before last I kept out all snow, penguin, or snowman decorations. Not sure if you remember but I love snowmen...that probably links back to those super cute snowman decorations your mom had, lol. I need to get some colorful fun spring decorations together if I ever unpack everything. Why is that part never ending?? PS I love your living room couch and pillows, so cute!

    1. I'm a snowman girl, too, and I also leave that stuff up! The couch is a love seat hand-me-down like about 98% of our furniture!! Lol but I got lucky on that one!! It was Ash n Hutchie's.

  2. LOVE all the spring decor - that is so cute using jelly beans as the filler for flowers :)