Friday, March 1, 2013

Green Eggs & Ham

I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I am! Well, you would like these, Cat!

As I mentioned earlier in the week, it's Dr Seuss week at Cambridge Academy. Last night HA and I made a quick but yummy snack for her to take to her class today - green "egg" cookies! They looked and smelled delicious!! I couldn't eat one due to my surprise dental work. Boo!!! And yes, of course I tried!! All I did was bake Pillsbury sugar cookies (the precut ones) and dip them face down in white chocolate using my handy dandy Wilton Chocolate Maker thingy. Then HA added the green M&Ms. I would have rather made the truffula tree cupcakes I had planned on, but I got in a hurry at the last minute and couldn't find cotton candy. They also would have been cuter dying the chocolate green and placing a white M&M on them, but I didn't have time to go buy white M&Ms. The activity proved useful when HA wouldn't eat her dinner. She was watching me dip the cookies, so to get her to eat I told her she could help with the M&Ms if she ate her dinner. That worked at first, but then she decided it wasn't worth it. She said she would just watch me. So then I had to say she couldn't watch unless she ate. Luckily, it worked!! That was good since I had no further comeback!!

I went to meet handsome baby Scott today!! He was a sweetheart!! His mommy did a great job!! Pic below.


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    1. Thank you! As I said in the post, they could have been cuter, but I ran outta time! ; )