Friday, March 22, 2013

Break Time

On a break. We went to the Alhambra this morning. Super cool!! It is just insane the details and to think of the hard work that went into each tiled floor, into the intricately carved ceilings and just all of it. We finished then grabbed a bite for lunch. Then it was break time. I think most people are napping so we can stay up late. They don't eat dinner until around 10 pm local time. As soon as we were on break, I started trying to call Ash (my big sister) to talk to the girls. Problem? I did the math wrong, and it wasn't even 8 am there yet. Geez Natalie. I never was good at math but that's another story. We have wifi in the lobby, so I chilled down there for a bit. I ended up going into planning mode. Planning for HA's school's Easter egg hunt and party and for the thing at Wren's. I was on Pinterest and forwarding pins via emails. I was done and headed up to take a hot bath (my way of relaxing ) when I get an email from Wren saying she had just gotten 17 emails from me and for me to "go explore Spain or something." LOL!!!! Bath is done, Chris is napping, and I'm blogging while listening to the Twilight soundtrack. Makes me happy and relaxed. In just a few we are headed back out for the night. Talk soon!

-Nattie B

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