Friday, March 8, 2013

Panic Mode!!!

Okay folks! I'm pretty much in panic mode it's moment! There are plenty of things that need to be done. Okay, there are a lot of things that need to be done before one week from today!!! And did I mention I'm panicking?! I haven't blogged because I figured there was no reason to share the panic to spread the panic. And I'm not going to list off everything that I need to do between now and then because I will panic even more! Lol On a positive note, I did just find out last night that I get to ride a camel!! Yes, you read that right…a CAMEL 🐫 in Morocco!!! There has also been another recent discovery of possibly being able to make a bullfight in Madrid the day before we leave to come home! I mean seriously?! Can we say FAB-U-LOUS life of...!! I am one excited and extremely blessed girl who doesn't deserve that fabulous life I am blessed to lead. And not just the exciting vacations, but even more so the amazing family and friends that God has so generously blessed me with!!! I am always so grateful !!!!! Anyone have packing tips they'd like to share??!!!

Pics are from yesterday and today. HA started soccer for the spring yesterday. She has new boots that she's in love with that her grandaddy bought her. She even made me take a picture of the bottom of them!! (Soooo my kid!) First spring game is Saturday!! The chevron infinity scarf I purchased using part of my Valentines Etsy gc from Chris! I love it!!! I'm taking it to Spain, and Chris said I could wrap it around my head in Morocco! Lol

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