Thursday, March 21, 2013

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

We're on a train right now headed to Granada, and I have The Black Keys playing. I have mucho time to kill, so I finally have time to blog.

I love trains in Europe. We are traveling from the south to the north today, and out the window is a gorgeous, endless scene of trees (including orange and fig), little white-washed villages and bright sunshine. (Yes, I'm sporting my pink glitter wayfarers. But of course!) we are having a really good time, and everyone is getting along. Hey! This IS a family vacation. We all know they either go one way or the other. I'm not even sure if I ever said who all was going on the trip. Guest List as follows: Chris, myself, Judy (his mom), Jerry (his dad), Kevin (little brother), and JoEllen (little brother's wife of only a year and a half). This is JoEllen's first family trip period. Ever. Not even a weekend getaway prior to a 10 day European vacation. Would be interesting to know how she thinks the trip is going. I'm pretty sure I get on her nerves. But I digress.

Yesterday we were in Tangier, Morocco. Our guide, Aziz was the bomb! We saw all of the highlights of Tangier (old & new cities), and we rode camels. I swear I thought I was going to fall off!! And leave it to me to have that happen. I AM the one who broke my arm in a candy machine! (Long story) I luckily didn't fall off nor did anyone else. And I don't even have a phone photo to post on here. I forgot to take pictures with my phone, too until a little over 1/2 way into the tour. So I apologize in advance for the lack of pics, but I'll give you what I have.

I'm very excited about Granada. Elise Ann (BFF in Atlanta) said it was her favorite town she visited in Spain. JoEllen has been here before, and it was one of her favorites, too. It's a small town that I think is going to have a similar feeling to Siena, which is my fav town in Italy. It is low-key but still a little modernized. (For example, we will have wi-fi.) I think we are just going to walk around this afternoon, but tonight is hookah time! Yay!! We (me, C, K, & JE) went to a hookah bar in Barcelona one night and had so much fun. And in case you are wondering, no there wasn't anything illegal happening there. Just mint and grapes. Chris has a pretty bad cough, so he most likely won't be participating tonight. Tomorrow is the Alhambra. It's one of the most famous things to see in Spain. Can't wait. If you aren't familiar with it, google it just so you can get an idea.

After Granada is our last city, Madrid. We are winding down the second half. Ready to see the girls!!!!! HA is like her Daddy, so she isn't much of a phone person, but she was impressed Mommy rode a camel. She said, "Wow! That's really cool, Mommy!" My thought? When did she get so big?!! I bet it's going to feel like Collins has grown a lot since she's already growing so fast what seems like every day! I have so much to be excited about for when we get home, too! Chris' birthday, the Easter thingy I'm helping Wren throw, Easter itself, belated celebration of Bashty's birthday, and Ker's visit!!! I'm such a lucky (=blessed), lucky girl!!!!!

-Nattie B

The first pics are in Africa (yes the French fries that were ridiculously amazing!!!), and the few others are the ones I took while riding the train. Those are fig trees.

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