Monday, March 25, 2013

The 7 Dwarfs

If I were to be one of Snow White's dwarfs right now, it would be Grumpy meets Sleepy combined with Dopey. Grumpy? Because I'm tired of all of the traveling and over ready to be home (yes, I'm still on the first of the two flights)!!! Chris is currently afraid to talk to me, bc I'm being so grumpy. The foreign stewardess just walked by offering "cafe" (AKA coffee), and my response (once she was past me and couldn't hear) was "no, I'll take someone who speaks English and my house." I didn't even say please. Lol Sleepy? Because we have been going non-stop for 10 days all over Spain & Morocco and that includes 6 airline flights, 2 buses, 1 train, 2 ferry rides, the Metro, a few taxis, and a 6 hour time difference. Dopey? I have major flying anxiety, so I have to take chill pills to be able to fly in the first place. At least we are close to landing the first (and longest) flight. Then it will just be a couple of hours in Chicago, and we fly home to Nashville!!


  1. You forgot stinky from the camel ride! :) Glad you made the most of every moment, welcome home!