Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mrs. Ricky Bobby

Just call me Mrs. Ricky Bobby. Too bad I don't look like Will Farrell's character's wife in Talledega Nights! For all of you European travel lovers, you are most likely familiar with the Rick Steves travel guides. We have used his guide books on our last two European vacations. They are packed with great tips, information, and helpful hints. In his books, he always has lots of 'walking tours' you can do self-guided and still learn lots from just reading his brief synopses. We usually do most of those. That way we can learn info on some of the smaller "less" important sites we don't want to pay to learn more about. This trip, Chris has been the one to carry around the book and narrate as we walk to each location, so we started calling him Little Ricky. The 'Bobby' comes from his love of baking cookies. Yeah you read that right. (If you know Chris, it's pretty funny!) He loves to make two kinds: chocolate oatmeal and peanut butter. It's always good when he gets hungry for a cookie!! A long time ago we started calling him Bobby Crocker. Bobby as opposed to Betty. So this trip he decided to deem himself Ricky Bobby. About two days later, I finally caught on. I may be a bottle blonde now, but I've got all of the stereotypical qualities sometimes. Okay, okay. Most of the time.

-Nattie B

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