Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In the Middle of the Niiiiighhtt

Like that old Billy Joel song from the '90s, but instead of it saying in the middle of the night I go walkin' in my sleep, I'd have to change that to bloggin' in the dark. I was sleeping so great, and then Collins woke up. Now I can't get settled back down. I have so many random things going through my mind bc of the trip. You know things like:
What am I going to wear on the plane?
What snacks am I going to get to take?
Will I ever finish packing?
I need to clear the pics on the big camera and on my iPhone.
Should I get a new book to read?
I need to call the dr about my prescription change.
Have to pick up my pants at Nordstrom tomorrow.
Getting stitches out, too.
I need to finish the itinerary.
What am I going to do about an Easter dress?
I should be sleeping...and so on and so forth! Starting to think I'm going to have to go take something to be able to go back to sleep.

-Nattie B

Here are pics from today!

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  1. That pic of the girls (sitting in the car - from the back) with them wearing stripes and polka-dots is freakin' adorable! LOVE IT! Makes me sad I don't have two girls (one girl and then three boys, lol). :)