Friday, March 15, 2013

My Amazing (Grace) Life

Here I am on an airplane seated next to my hubby of almost ten years. He's reading a book about the Governor character from The Walking Dead, and I just put down my Lucky magazine. Florence + The Machine is blaring in my earbuds, the sun is bright and gorgeous, and my ears aren't even popping too badly from the high altitude. All I can think as I sit here knowing my babies are going to have a blast with Mah Mau & Pop, my sisters, and their cousins is how incredibly blessed I am. And not just because I am headed on this trip of a lifetime to Spain with Chris, Judes, Jerry, Kev, & JE! And not because I have fun Easter party coming up with Wren. A d not even because Ker is about to be here for a long visit. It's because I have so many friends and family members who love me and adore my sweet girls not to mention God's unconditional love for me that I never have and never will deserve!! I feel so blessed and genuinely happy in my life. I just pray that I can bring a little joy to those I love so dearly, both family and friends like they do to me!! I pray that I can use the amazing life that God has so graciously bestowed upon me to bless others and help them to have the happiness I so feel!! To God be ALL the glory!!!!

Well, that got deep out of nowhere folks! Lol Guess it was just really on my mind. Well, we are almost finished with flight 1 of 3. We will have a couple hours at JFK before heading to Madrid. Geez I hope I can sleep on that one!! We are basically flying all night and will eventually arrive in Barcelona at 9:30 a.m.ish. Thank goodness for sleeping pills...