Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Oscars, Just Call Me Sally & Good Friends

So I just finished watching the Oscars late last night. Can you tell me how it is that a girl who used to host Oscars parties complete with themed food and our own ballots becomes the girl who just finished watching the Oscars almost two weeks late? Kids. That's your answer.

Last night I went to dinner with a friend named Chrisie who is an old coworker from the job I worked at previous to having Collins and getting my major and completely unexpected postpartum cardiomyopathy (heart disease). We ate at California Pizza Kitchen, and I ordered the Pear and Gorgonzola pizza. Have you ever seen the movie When Harry Met Sally? If you have, I'm Sally. In fact, a best friend of mine in college even nicknamed me "Sally" for my ordering habits. I enjoyed my pizza with no greens (remember I hate lettuce or leafy greens) and had them drizzle honey on it as well as bring a side of honey for dipping. It was delicious!! We also hit up Nordstrom, and I showed her that you don't have to spend a lot of money to shop there. There, Anthropologie, J Crew, & Banana are a few of my favs, but that doesn't include my two of my favorite brands like Lily and Tory Burch. But anywho...I digress...

Today was HA's first soccer game of the Spring season. She wasn't into it at first, because she has a cold and didn't feel good, but she got more into it as the game went on. She scored a goal or two, so she was happy! After the game, the girls went back to Judy's, and I ran a few vacation errands with one of my close friends from college, Laurie. I. Love. Her. No, I adore her! Her genuine calmness and sweet nature are (I would say infectious, but I highly doubt I could ever be completely described as calm), well, they are calming and make you feel at home. I can share everything with her without ever feeling judged. Love you to the moon, Laurie!!!

Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads some of these?!

-Nattie B


  1. Even though I'm horrible at commenting, I wanted you to know that I read. I just know that " anyone even out there seeing this!?" feeling when writing on my blog and wanted you to know we are out here seeing this! :)

    ps - your daughter (HA) is adorable! Love the soccer pics. I love how you so breez-ily say, "she scored a couple goals" - we have a son and a daughter who have played soccer for 4 seasons (they're 10 and 8 now) and they've each only scored ONE goal - so HA is doing pretty great in my opinion! :)

    1. Thank you for letting me know you read!! And you need to sign up with Bloglovin'! That's how I read my blogs, and you weren't on there for me to follow!! :(

      And thanks about the girls!! I think they're pretty cute, but it's possible I'm biased...

  2. I don't know how, but I completely missed the last pic - Collins is freakin' adorable, too!!! :)