Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Caution Boredom Ahead (WIDT)

Just another day's recap: (warning: prepare to be bored)

Got up.
Got HA up and ready.
HA to school.
Home to get ready.
Nordstroms to pick up new jeans that were being hemmed (their alterations are free and done in-house).
Changed into new jeans.
Mexican restaurant for lunch with 2 old coworkers.
Sat at a table with Collins and a guy (old coeorker) and run into a group of females from Chris's work. That was priceless.
Paid more for a taco and rice than should be legal.
Grabbed a denim jacket I'd had my eye on for the trip (with a randomly received emailed coupon).
Back home.
Cleaned up.
Got out my suitcase for the trip from the attic.
Cooked a casserole to take to Wren n her Fam tomorrow. Yesterday HA & I made homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, dyed it blue of course, and I froze single rolled cookie dough balls to take to them. That way they can have some dessert whenever they get a sweet craving. Pics below.
Watched a few minutes of that new miniseries The Bible (while the chicken for the casserole baked). If you aren't watching it, you need to!! It really brought to life what a Mighty and All-Powerful God we serve!!!
Cooked a second casserole for us.
Cleaned up.
More laundry.
Made HA carrots and corn (she won't eat casseroles!).
Put Collins down.
Cleaned up again.
Played Minnie Mouse Bowtique Bingo.
Cat napped.
HA to bed.
Hot bath.
Watching Duck Dynasty. Si is a hoot!!!!

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  1. You are one busy momma! And I SO love how you dressed up your container with the mustaches and ribbon! I need to pin that!