Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Full Plate

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I mean overwhelmed or just that at the moment you have too much on your plate? The thing is (and I'm not complaining!!) that everything on my plate right now is sweet (good). I have no problem complaining when I'm feeling overwhelmed, but when I'm overwhelmed with blessings it just feels wrong to say or to admit that I am A little stressed. That may not even make any sense. My only unhappy thing that is adding to me feeling overwhelmed is my tooth deal. It hurts as I sit here typing, but it hurts less often now which is a positive. I might should also share that it is about to be my time (of the month)...TMI, I know. But that adds automatic emotional unrest to any and every little thing!! Nothing that I'm stressing over is even a big deal, but part of the down side to being me is that I make everything a big deal. It usually makes for great results, but it completely unnecessary stress. Sad part is that I do it, know I'm doing it, and continue to do it anyway. Right now I'm worried about getting the last couple of things I need for the trip. I'm also compiling the trip's itinerary (with Rick Steeves as my guide), and of course stressing to make everyone happy with it. So I over think every "bullet point." As I mentioned in my March post, I also have a lot of important birthdays to get gifts for in March. As of today, 1 down 4 to go! I have an upcoming Junior League party I'm helping (very little) with, and trying to prep everything for the girls for while we are in Spain. The trip is a chance of a lifetime, but I'll be so relieved when it is over and done. Memories made. No more worrying about and missing the girls. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for FaceTime?!! That will be my saving grace. Anywho, I'm so mentally tired I'm not even sure I'm making any sense. Think I better go to bed (you know for 30 minutes before Collins decides to randomly wake up hungry)! Night!!

-Nattie B


  1. This post makes SO much sense to me. Most of my stresses are because of good things (trips, planning events, Brooklyn stuff) and a lot of it I create because I take on additional projects when I'm already busy. Can't help it, lol. Good luck with the rest of your trip planning though. It will make all the stress worth it :)

    1. Yeah why do we do that? Sign up for extra stuff we don't have time for?!!

  2. I do the same exact hung and feel the same exact way!